Latest UK investment in stratified medicine

30 January 2015

UK Minister for Life Sciences George Freeman has announced a £13.7 million investment in stratified medicine by the government via the Medical Research Council (MRC).

The latest funding for stratified medicine (also known as personalised or precision medicine) is part of the larger £130 million package for the field set out in the 2011 UK Life Sciences Strategy.

The £13.7 million is divided into four new MRC awards bringing the total in stratified medicine to thirteen, and the total MRC funding provided to over £52 million. Each award is to a consortium of academic and NHS partners; the new awards are for projects looking at stratified medicine in the context of asthma, lupus, hypertension (in partnership with the British Heart Foundation) and colorectal cancer (in partnership with Cancer Research UK, who have a dedicated Stratified Medicine Programme). The consortia have also attracted UK and international commercial partners from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors.

George Freeman said: “As part of our strategy for the life sciences we are bringing together industry with the assets and capabilities of researchers in universities and the NHS to revolutionise the way we look at getting better treatments into the health service and make sure that the UK remains one of the best places in the world for 21st Century medical innovation”.

He also observed that London was a “global financial centre at the heart of the London-Oxford-Cambridge ‘med-city’ cluster” and one of the best places in the world to start and finance a life sciences venture.

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