New centre for genomics knowledge to be created

28 February 2010

The CDC National Office for Public Health Genomics (NOPHG) in the US has announced plans to create a new Knowledge  Synthesis Center using the methods of the Evaluation of Genomic Applications in Practice and Prevention (EGAPP) initiative. EGAPP produces periodic reviews which summarise the available evidence for validity and clinical utility of selected genomic tests and other applications (see previous news for examples). This sort of information is potentially very helpful for policy-makers and health professionals trying to determine whether or not a given test is useful or not.

The new project, a collaboration between the CDC and National Institutes for Health (NIH), will provide funding for a dedicated centre to conduct, update, and publish systematic evidence reviews to address selected questions for the evaluation of a set of health-related genomic tests’ (see announcement). This will include production of topic briefs on the use of selected genomic applications for improving health and preventing disease, and related issues, to form part of an online knowledge silo for EGAPP, and research into improved methodology for performing systematic reviews of published evidence.

A total of around $1.5 million funding over three years is available to create and run the new centre, and applications are being are sought.

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