New chair and members of Human Genetics Commission

30 January 2009

UK Public Health Minister Dawn Primarolo and Science and Innovation Minister Lord Drayson have announced new appointments to the Human Genetics Commission (see HGC press release). The HGC is a twenty-one strong panel that advises the Government on human genetics and particularly associated social, ethical and legal issues. 

Professor Jonathan Montgomery (Professor of Health Care Law at the University of Southampton and Chair of Hampshire Primary Care Trust) will become Chair with effect from 1st February 2009. Professor Montgomery commended the work of his predecessors in the post, Baroness Helena Kennedy and Sir John Sulston, and said: "I am delighted to take up the Chair of the Human Genetics Commission at a time when our understanding of the human genome is beginning to deliver real benefits to individuals and society” (see Department of Health press release).

Other new HGC members are Professor Tim Aitman, Professsor Tom Baldwin, Mrs Nicola Drury; Professor Anneke Lucassen and Dr Duncan McHale; these are all professionals from the health service (including genetics services), academia and the biopharmaceutical industry. Mr Alastair Kent, who is Director of the Genetic Interest Group (GIG), was reappointed for another term.

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