New European personalised medicine initiative

4 November 2009

A new European initiative has formed for the purpose of promoting the use of diagnostics for personalised medicine. The European Personalised Medicine Diagnostics Association (EPEMED) is a non-profit venture that hopes to recruit commercial and academic research bodies and patient groups (for a membership fee) to collaborate to advance personalised medicine diagnostics in Europe and promote harmonization between countries in terms of ‘value pricing and value reimbursement with a clear regulatory path in Europe for novel diagnostics and/or companion therapeutics’ (see website).

The group also plans to work with other international bodies in the area of personalised medicine and to offer opinions on policies. Founder Alain Huriez said that innovations in molecular diagnostics would offer better patient care in coming years, adding: "It is our responsibility to make sure that these innovations will be made available to European patients and as a result, to make Europe an attractive place for innovations, financial and industrial investments in the area of personalised medicine diagnostics" (see GenomeWeb news).

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