New European science policy body to represent researchers

5 September 2011

A new organisation to be launched next month aims to become the single voice for science policy in Europe.
ScienceEurope, to be launched on 21st October, will be based in Brussels and combines two existing groups, the European Science Foundation (ESF) based in France (see previous news) and the European Heads of Research Councils (EUROHORCs) based in Switzerland. The ESF may continue some independent activities.
There have been suggestions that too much decision-making on science policy rests with the European government rather than member states, relative to the amount of research funding provided by each. It is hoped that ScienceEurope will represent the interests of researchers more effectively, having greater influence as a unified body and also the capacity to respond more quickly to developments in Brussels.

However, others have expressed concern that unless ScienceEurope itself allocates research funds as the ESF presently does, it will not have enough influence. 

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