New reviews and commentaries, 1 May 2012

1 May 2012

Testing times
Advancing the post-genomic era agenda: contributions from public health.
The impact of genomics on public health practice: the case for change.
The public health genomics translation gap: what we don't have and why it matters.
Harnessing genomics and genome biology to understand malaria biology.
Histone methylation: a dynamic mark in health, disease and inheritance.
MicroRNA profiling: approaches and considerations.
Promising new era dawns for cystic fibrosis treatment.
Reprogramming the genetic code.
Integrating genomes.
Controversial research: Good science bad science.

Scientific evidence alone is not sufficient basis for health policy.
In cancer drug resistance, germline matters too.
Children of the 90s: Coming of age.
China's stem-cell rules go unheeded.

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