New reviews and commentaries, 13 February 2006

9 March 2006

Tails of histones lost. Nussenzweig A and Paull T (2006) Nature 439, 406-407. News and Views article on how cells recognise DNA damage and halt replication to allow DNA repair.

Hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia: current views on genetics and mechanisms of disease. Abdalla SA and Letarte M (2006) J Med Genet 43, 97-110. Review.

Nature has three feature news articles under the banner title Cloning: what now?

Mining the secrets of the egg. Dennis C (2006) Nature 439, 652-655

Do we even need eggs? Brown P (2006) Nature 439, 655-657.

No end in sight for stem-cell odyssey. Cyranoski D (2006) Nature 439, 658-659.

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