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13 October 2005

Metastatic potential as a heritable trait. Threadgill DW (2005). Nat. Genet. 37, 1026-1027. News and Views piece accompanying new report of a genetic modifier of cancer metastasis efficiency in mice, outlining the model whereby metastatic potential is considered as a heritable trait influenced by host genetic polymorphisms.

Stem cells, asymmetric division and cancer. Clevers H (2005). Nat. Genet. 37, 1027-1028 News and Views piece.

The latest issue of Nature Medicine has two pieces commenting on the American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG) guidelines on newborn screening, released in March this year, which recommended a uniform screening programme for all US states:

Newborn screening grows up. Nat. Med. 11, 1013 (2005). Editorial broadly in favour of the move towards uniform screening in the US, although the author notes that screening programmes are only one aspect of improved care and that education of healthcare providers will be critical.

News Feature: Screen savers. Nat. Med. 11, 1020-1021 (2005). News article looking at potential benefits of the expanded newborn screening panel, and reporting on opposition to the inclusion of some conditions for which the medical benefits of diagnosis are not certain in the panel.

Perspectives on the properties of stem cells. McCulloch EA and Till JE (2005) Nat. Med. 11, 1026-1028. Autobiographical and technical commentary article.

Tools for genomics. Southern E (2005) Nat. Med. 11, 1029-1034. Autobiographical and technical commentary article.

Genetic fingerprinting. Jeffreys AJ (2005) Nat. Med. 11, 1035-1039. Autobiographical and technical commentary article.

Finding genetic modifiers of cystic fibrosis. Haston CK and Hudson TJ (2005) N. Engl. J. Med. 353, 1509-1511. Editorial piece accompanying research article, and considering the problems in identifying modifier genes.

Mind the (biomedical funding) gap. Klausner A (2005) Nat. Biotech. 23, 1217-1218. Commentary.

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