New reviews and commentaries, 18 May 2006

22 May 2006

Quantifying the health benefits of genetic tests: the importance of a population perspective. Khoury MJ, Jones K and Grosse SD (2006) Genet Med. 8(3), 191-5. Commentary proposing an analytical framework to assess the health benefits of genetic testing for disease susceptibility (PubMed).

Quantifying the health benefits of genetic tests: A clinical perspective. Scheuner MT and Rotter JI (2006) Genet Med. 8(3), 141-2. Editorial on the previous article, suggesting various additions, including the contention that genotypic information alone has the potential to reduce disease risk even in the absence of genotype-specific interventions (PubMed)

The long QT syndrome family of cardiac ion channelopathies: a HuGE review. Modell SM and Lehmann MH (2006) Genet Med. 8(3), 143-55. Review on genetic disorders affecting cardiac ion channels, including genetic investigation and complexities such as ethnic polymorphisms (PubMed).

Informed choice for screening: implications for evaluation. Irwig L, McCaffery K, Salkeld G and Bossuyt P (2006) BMJ 332,1148-50.

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