New reviews and commentaries, 2 February 2012

2 February 2012

Rare and common variants: twenty arguments.
Genomics and perinatal care.
Genomics: The path to retinoblastoma.
Fertile union.
Unwrapping the implications of BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations in ovarian cancer.
Diagnosis and management of thalassaemia.
The family history: the first genetic test, and still useful after all those years?
Protein-RNA interactions: new genomic technologies and perspectives.
Knowledge as a key resource for health challenges
Translational research and experimental medicine in 2012
Global health in 2012: development to sustainability
How can we stimulate translational research in cancer genomics beyond bench to bedside?
The genome of a blood fluke associated with human cancer.
Developing predictive molecular maps of human disease through community-based modeling.
Experimental cancer therapies move to the front line
Cell biology. The risk of prion zoonoses.
Neonatal screening for lysosomal storage disorders.

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