New reviews and commentaries, 22 June 2006

22 June 2006

Genetic defects in the human glycome. Freeze HH (2006) Nat Rev Genet. 7(7), 537-51. Review of genetic diseases arising from defects in the genes involved with glycan biosynthesis pathways (PubMed).

Designed DNA molecules: principles and applications of molecular nanotechnology. Condon A (2006) Nat Rev Genet. 7(7), 565-75. Review on the potential applications of DNA structures in nanotechnology, for example in therapeutic and diagnostic applications (PubMed).

First among equals: competition between genetically identical cells. Khare A and Shaulsky G (2006) Nat Rev Genet. 7(7), 577-84. Opinion article proposing that competition between genetically identical cells could improve the fitness of a multicellular organism by directing fitter cells to the germ line or by eliminating unfit cells, and that competition between genetically identical or very similar individuals could have selective advantages at societal levels (PubMed).

Alternative splicing and RNA selection pressure - evolutionary consequences for eukaryotic genomes. Xing Y and Lee C (2006) Nat Rev Genet. 7(7), 499-509. Review of the contribution of alternative splicing to modern genome composition, and of constraints on alternative splicing that may have medical implications (PubMed).

Newborn Screening: Towards a uniform screening panel and system. Special supplementary edition of Genetics in Medicine on findings of American College of Medical Genetics Newborn Screening Expert Group. See Executive Summary, Watson MS, Mann MY, Lloyd-Puryear MA and Rinaldo P (2006) Genet Med. 28(5 Suppl), 1S-11S (PubMed).

What you can learn from one gene: GLI3. Biesecker LG (2006) J Med Genet. 43(6), 465-9. Review using the GLI3 gene as an example of how the study of patients with rare genetic syndromes can provide insights into normal and pathogenic development (PubMed).

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