New reviews and commentaries, 3rd January 2006

3 January 2006

Unnapproved tests on a chip. Nature (2005) 438, 711. Editorial deploring the absence of a regulatory framework for prenatal genetic tests, including DNA microarrays to scan for hundreds of genetic abnormalities, in the US. See also Screen test. Check E (2005) Nature 438, 733-734.

The dog has its day. Ellegren H (2005) Nature 438, 745-746. News and views feature on the sequencing of the dog genome and how it may contribute to understanding of human disease mechanisms.

Running the red light. Ainsworth C (2005) Nature 438, 726-728. News and views feature on nonsense-mediated decay (NMD) and how drugs may be used to block this process in some individuals with inherited disease.

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