New reviews and commentaries, 4 April 2007

4 April 2007

The egg trade - making sense of the market for human oocytes. Spar D (2007) N Engl J Med. 356(13):1289-91. Perspective article calling for renewed debate and policies on the issue of oocyte donation for research purposes (PubMed).

Genes on ice.
Watts G (2007) BMJ 334(7595):662-3. Feature article on the function and associated problems of biobanks (PubMed).

Modern genetics, ancient defenses, and potential therapies. Gregersen PK (2007) N Engl J Med. 356(12):1263-6. Editorial piece accompanying research report on the application of genetics in personalizing therapeutics for autoimmune disease (PubMed).

Genetic screening for cystic fibrosis: An overview of the science and the economics.
Brice P, Jarrett J, Mugford M (2007) J Cyst Fibros. 2007 Mar 16; [Epub ahead of print]. Review from a public health perspective of the economics of genetic screening for CF (PubMed).

The April edition of Nature Genetics has a special focus on epigenetics:

Environmental epigenomics and disease susceptibility.
Jirtle RL, Skinner MK (2007) Nat Rev Genet. 8(4):253-62. Review on possible links between environmental exposures, epigenetic modifications and disease susceptibility (PubMed).

Epigenetic signatures of stem-cell identity.
Spivakov M, Fisher AG (2007) Nat Rev Genet. 8(4):263-71. Review on unique epigenetic profiles of embryonic stem cells and how they may relate to pluripotency (PubMed).

Transposable elements and the epigenetic regulation of the genome.
Slotkin RK, Martienssen R (2007) Nat Rev Genet. 8(4):272-85. Review on the function of transposable elements (PubMed).

Cancer epigenomics: DNA methylomes and histone-modification maps. Esteller M (2007) Nat Rev Genet. 8(4):286-98. Review of progress in genome-wide analysis of cancer epigenetics calling for increased research efforts in analysis of both cancer and normal human epigenomes (PubMed).

The epigenetic regulation of mammalian telomeres. Blasco MA (2007) Nat Rev Genet. 8(4):299-309. Review on links between epigenetic status and regulation of telomere length, with implications for research in cancer and ageing (PubMed).

Genotypes, obesity and type 2 diabetes - can genetic information motivate weight loss? A review. Gable D, Sanderson SC, Humphries SE (2007). Clin Chem Lab Med. 45(3):301-8. Review of genetic factors that influence risk of type 2 diabetes, discussing whether this information will have any impact on patient lifestyle changes (PubMed).

Nutrigenomics - 2006 update. Kaput J (2007) Clin Chem Lab Med. 45(3):279-87. Review of progress in the field of nutritional genomics (PubMed).

Addressing the obesity epidemic: a genomics perspective. Newell A, Zlot A, Silvey K, Arail K (2007) Prev Chronic Dis. 4(2):A31. Review of how genomics approaches may be used to tackle obesity in public health practice (PubMed).

Genetics of sleep and sleep disorders. Kimura M, Winkelmann J (2007) Cell Mol Life Sci. 2007 Mar 15; [Epub ahead of print]. Review on current understanding of the role of genetic factors on sleep, and possible future prospects for genetic studies on sleep and sleep-associated disorders (PubMed).

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