New reviews and commentaries, 9 May 2006

9 May 2006

The fragile X syndrome: exploring its molecular basis and seeking a treatment. Bardoni B, Davidovic L, Bensaid M and Khandjian EW (2006) Expert Rev Mol Med. 8, 1-16. Review looking particularly at the function of the Fragile-X Mental Retardation Protein and how its absence in patients may result in the clinical phenotypes of the disease, with prospects for therapeutic interventions (PubMed).

Will UK Biobank pay off?
Watts G (2006) BMJ 332, 1052. Update on progress and controversies around the UK Biobank project (PubMed).

Medical progress: Hematopoietic stem-cell transplantation. Copelan EA (2006) N Engl J Med 354, 1813-1826. Review (PubMed). Chromosome guardians on duty. Megee P (2006) Nature 441, 35-37. News and Views article summarising recent research into the function of shugoshins, proteins that regulate chromosome adhesion and separation during cell replication (PubMed).

Embracing the complexity of genomic data for personalized medicine. West M, Ginsburg GS, Huang AT and Nevins JR (2006) Genome Res. 6, 559-66. Perspective article arguing that the massive complexity of genomic data, rather than being a barrier to utility, is actually a highly valuable resource for developing improved clinical tools; however, it requires integrated analytical approaches (PubMed).

A SLAMS dunk for cancer regulators. Kumar-Sinha C and Chinnaiyan AM (2006) Nat Biotechnol. 24, 524-6. News and Views article on a novel technique being used to identify genetic regulators of cancer by combining microarray data on global gene expression, and DNA copy number: stepwise linkage analysis of microarray signatures (SLAMS) (PubMed).

Replicators lessen transcriptional silencing. Schildkraut CL and Guan Z (2006) Nat Biotechnol. 24, 523-4. News and Views article on a new approach to prevent transcriptional silencing of transgenes, such as those delivered in gene therapy, by using human DNA sequences that control initiation of replication (PubMed).

Iron metabolism meets signal transduction. Anderson GJ and Frazer DM (2006) Nat Genet. 38, 503-4. News and views piece on the molecular pathogenesis of juvenile hameochromatosis, caused by mutations in the haemojuvelin gene (PubMed).

A broad band of silence. Smith JS and Costello JF (2006) Nat Genet. 38, 504-6. News and views piece on recent research that showed unexpectedly diffuse transcriptional silencing via CpG methylation in colon cancer (PubMed).

mtDNA clock runs out for dopaminergic neurons. Manfredi G (2006) Nat Genet. 38, 507-8. News and views piece on the possible role of damage to the mitochondrial genome in the decay of dopaminergic neurons, ageing and Parkinson

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