New UK School for Public Health Research launched

19 April 2012

The UK National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has announced the launch of a new School for Public Health Research, to broaden the evidence base for effective public health practice.
The new School will be a collaboration between eight major academic centres across the UK with strong records in applied research and evaluative practice in public health. These include the Cambridge Institute for Public Health (CIPH), a strategic partnership of organisations including the University of Cambridge and the PHG Foundation.
The School is to emphasise practical solutions to public health issues that can meet the needs of policy makers, practitioners and patients across the UK, including translational research and ‘innovative local practices with potential for wider population benefit’.

Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Adviser at the Department of Health, said it was a collaboration of the very best centres for applied public health research that would “bring public health practice and academia together ensuring research outputs that can be effectively translated into practice”. 

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