New York aims to be world leader in genomic medicine

21 July 2014

A new genomics data partnership has received major funding from New York State in the US.

A total of $105 million has been approved to fund the new NYS Genomic Medicine and Big Data Center (GMBDC), including $57 million for the New York Genome Center. The aim is to ensure that New York State becomes an international leader in genomic research and development, delivering economic and health benefits.

Plans for the collaboration were originally announced in January 2014, but approval of the funding from New York state has only just been confirmed.

The money is intended to support links with the University of Buffalo's Center for Computational Research and the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, underpinning new research into the provision and application of genomic analysis to inform clinical decision making.

The NYGC has selected IBM as their Founding Technology Member to collaborate on information technology and data analysis, and have also purchased Illumina’s ‘$1000 dollar genome’ HiSeq X-10 whole human genome sequencing system.

New York joins Sydney in Australia, Cambridge in the UK and many others in their efforts to capitalise on the central importance of genomics for future healthcare.

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