Oxford Nanopore raises further £40 million funding

10 October 2013

Oxford Nanopore Technologies, the inventors of the nanopore-based next-generation DNA sequencing technique, have announced £40 million new funding, taking the total investment in the company since 2005 to £145 million.

The privately-held company uses nanopore sensing technologies for applications in DNA, RNA and protein analysis, including sequencing. Their GridION™ and miniature disposable MinION™ DNA sequencing devices were showcased last year (see previous news) creating high levels of interest, but they have yet to be commercially released, though expectations of a launch will be raised by news of the new investment round. Oxford Nanopore says that the funds will be used not only for further research and development, but also ‘commercial and manufacturing infrastructure’ as well as expansion and defence of their intellectual property portfolio.
This may reflect previous legal proceedings relating to a reported dispute with former investor Illumina; arbitration resulted in the decision that a previous commercialisation agreement relating to some of the Oxford Nanopore intellectual property would terminate in 2016.

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