Public Population Project in Genomics Observatory launched

7 November 2005

The Public Population Project in Genomics (P3G) is an international consortium of public bodies involved in major genetic epidemiology projects and biobanks. It was created to develop and manage a multidisciplinary infrastructure for comparing and combining results from large-scale population genomic studies, to facilitate the translation of research into clinical benefits in terms of disease prevention and treatment.

The P3G Observatory, launched last month, is the knowledge transfer platform of the P3G project. It aims to disseminate scientific and technical information produced by member groups, and to provide suitable tools for the development, co-ordination and comparison of studies. To this latter end, the Observatory contains a catalogue of all major population genomics studies around the world (including those run by groups who are not P3G members) that can be used to access and compare information about different projects. There are fifteen such studies listed at present.

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