Review of UK regulation and governance of medical research

23 April 2010

Last month the Health Secretary Andy Burnham announced that the Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) has been commissioned to produce a review of the current regulatory and governance framework for medical research in the UK, which AMS president Professor Sir John Bell described as ‘stifling’ and working group chair Sir Michael Rawlins as ‘unnecessarily complex and burdensome’ (see AMS response).

This move follows a report published by the AMS earlier this year challenging the Government to act promptly in making the most of opportunities offered by medical research to improve health, and calling for a proportionate regulatory framework (see previous news).

The review will focus on research involving humans, human tissue and data, and will include epidemiological research and experimental medicine, as well as conventional clinical trials. The AMS is calling for evidence to inform the current review from all relevant stakeholders by 1st June 2010.

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