Selected new reviews and commentaries, 1 April 2011

30 March 2011

The hunt for the mystery genes

Watts G. BMJ. 2011 Mar 9;342:d1463.

Opening the Pandora's box of prenatal genetic testing
Physicians as guardians of genetic knowledge
Genomics and drug response.
The case for a global rare-diseases registry
Cancer genomics: from discovery science to personalized medicine
The challenge of cancer
Exploring the genomes of cancer cells: progress and promise.
New epigenetic drivers of cancers.
Stem cells: The dark side of induced pluripotency.
Genetic testing and youth sports
The value of data.

The generation game.
Next-generation association studies for complex traits.
Investigating monogenic and complex diseases with pluripotent stem cells.
Newborn screening for α-thalassemia - keeping up with globalization
Schizophrenia: Zooming in on a gene.
Autism spectrum disorders - a genetics review
The quest for genetic risk factors for Crohn's disease in the post-GWAS era
Patients' safety for global health
Stopping RNA interference at the seed.
Biobanks need publicity

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