Selected new reviews and commentaries, 1 February 2011

30 January 2011

Get ready for the flood of fetal gene screening.

Greely HT. Nature. 2011 Jan 20;469(7330):289-91.

Bring on the biomarkers.

Poste G. Nature. 2011 Jan 13;469(7329):156-7

Common disease: are causative alleles common or rare?

Shields R (2011) PLoS Biol 9(1): e1001009. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1001009

New life for the HFEA?
Synthetic associations created by rare variants do not explain most GWAS results.
Synthetic associations are unlikely to account for many common disease genome-wide association signals.
The importance of synthetic associations will only be resolved empirically.
RNA sequencing: advances, challenges and opportunities.
Diagnosis and management of hereditary haemochromatosis.
New year, new science.
Behavioural neuroscience: a gene for impulsivity.
Synthetic biology: Division of logic labour.
Access to clinical trial data.
Research practice and participant preferences: the growing gulf.
Human gene patents and genetic testing in Europe: a reappraisal
Bad decisions for global health
Systems biology and red cells.
PARP and cancer- if it's broke, don't fix it.

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