Selected new reviews and commentaries, 1 June 2011

30 May 2011

Special BMJ interview with PHG Foundation Chairman Dr Ron Zimmern:
Leapfrogging into the future.
Getting personal.
Deploying whole genome sequencing in clinical practice and public health
Synthetic genomes: The next step for the synthetic genome.
Genomic Medicine: Genomics and the Eye
Down syndrome: Coercion and eugenics.
Indigenous genomics.
Conducting the metabolic syndrome orchestra.
New modifier loci in cystic fibrosis.
Stem cells: The growing pains of pluripotency.
Science as a public enterprise: the case for open data
Making raw data more widely available.
Clinical research: time for sensible global guidelines.
Lancet UK Policy Matters: better evidence for better health.
Value judgements.
WHO needs change.

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