Selected new reviews and commentaries, 1 November 2011

31 October 2011

Genomes on prescription.
Genomic medicine has failed the poor.
Genomics is not enough.
The coming explosion in genetic testing - is there a duty to recontact?
Exome sequencing as a tool for Mendelian disease gene discovery.
Understanding type 1 diabetes through genetics: advances and prospects.
The family history: The first genetic test, and still useful after all those years?
Genomics and the multifactorial nature of human autoimmune disease.
A priceless resource
Biobank research:who benefits from individual consent?
The new date, new format, new goals and new sponsor of the Archon Genomics X PRIZE Competition.
High-interest clones.
Stem cells. Where do human eggs come from?
Long-term outcomes for patients with cystic fibrosis in Australia.

In praise of simplicity
The ethics of personal genetic profiling

Hood C (2011) Genomics, Society and Policy Journal 6 (3) 

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