Selected new reviews and commentaries, 1 September 2010

31 August 2010

Which way for genetic-test regulation? Assign regulation appropriate to the level of risk.

Javitt G. Nature. 2010 Aug 12;466(7308):817-8.

Which way for genetic-test regulation? Leave test interpretation to specialists.
Beaudet AL. Nature. 2010 Aug 12;466(7308):816-7.

New guidelines for genetic tests are welcome but insufficient
Lancet. 2010 Aug 14;376(9740):488.

The double-helix derailed: the story of the BRCA patent.
Matloff ET, Brierley KL. Lancet. 2010 Jul 31;376(9738):314-5

Individual genomes on the horizon.
Watkins D, Gallant C. N Engl J Med. 2010 Jul 8;363(2):195-6.

Infectious diseases not immune to genome-wide association.
de Bakker PI, Telenti A. Nat Genet. 2010 Sep;42(9):731-2.

Genetics: Pet project.
Cyranoski D. Nature. 2010 Aug 26;466(7310):1036-8.

Neurodegeneration: An expansion in ALS genetics.
Lagier-Tourenne C, Cleveland DW. Nature. 2010 Aug 26;466(7310):1052-3.

Genome editing with engineered zinc finger nucleases.
Urnov FD et al. Nat Rev Genet. 2010 Sep;11(9):636-46.

The ethics of using transgenic non-human primates to study what makes us human.
Coors ME, Glover JJ, Juengst ET, Sikela JM. Nat Rev Genet. 2010 Sep;11(9):658-62.

Replication error amplified.
Kaochar S, Paek AL, Weinert T. Science. 2010 Aug 20;329(5994):911-3.

Which parental gene gets the upper hand?
Wilkinson LS. Science. 2010 Aug 6;329(5992):636-7. No abstract available.

The emerging genetics of type 2 diabetes.
Bonnefond A, Froguel P, Vaxillaire M. Trends Mol Med. 2010 Aug 19.

Crohn's disease: Genes, viruses and microbes.
Simmons A. Nature. 2010 Aug 5;466(7307):699-700.

Genomics: Variations in blood lipids.
Shuldiner AR, Pollin TI. Nature. 2010 Aug 5;466(7307):703-4.

World view: Not by experts alone.
Sarewitz D. Nature. 2010 Aug 5;466(7307):688.

Biobanks: Importance, implications and opportunities for genetic counselors.
Hawkins AK.  J Genet Couns. 2010 Aug 3. [Epub ahead of print]

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