Selected new reviews and commentaries, 11 July 2010

30 June 2010

The discovery of human genetic variations and their use as disease markers: past, present and future.
The Human Genome Project: 10 years later
Patents in synthetic biology.
A DNA education.
Need for a wider view of autonomy in epidemiological research.
Major heart disease genes prove elusive.
CISH and susceptibility to infectious diseases.
Genes, the environment, and breast cancer.
Next-generation genomics: an integrative approach.
Another piece of the autism puzzle.
World view: Talking the talk
Genomics and general practice: the next 10 years.
Likelihood ratios for genome medicine.
Coronary heart disease risk prediction in the era of genome-wide association studies: current status and what the future holds.

Family history: the neglected risk factor in disease prevention.
Genetics of Parkinson disease and essential tremor.
Genetic disorders of renal phosphate transport.
New approaches to population stratification in genome-wide association studies.

Price AL, Zaitlen NA, Reich D, Patterson N. Nat Rev Genet. 2010 Jun 15;11(7):459-463. 

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