Selected new reviews and commentaries, 2 July 2007

2 July 2007

Genomics: Encyclopaedia of humble DNA. Greally JM (2007) Nature 447(7146):782-3. News and Views article accompanying ENCODE report (see journal club article) suggesting that the human genome may function quite differently from previous suppositions (PubMed).

UK Biobank: bank on it. Palmer LJ (2007) Lancet 369(9578):1980-2. Commentary on the prospects of the Biobank project, including results from the pilot study, noting the necessity for harmonization and data-sharing between different biobanks via the P3G and HuGENet networks (PubMed).

Governing Genetic Databases: Collection, Storage and Use. This July issue of King’s Law Journal is a special symposium issue, including papers on the ethical challenges of genetic databases and biobanks, including issues of consent, international collaboration, medical research and the public good.

Should genetic information be disclosed to insurers? Yes. Holm S (2007) BMJ 334(7605):1196. ‘Head to head’ debate article (PubMed).

Should genetic information be disclosed to insurers? No. Ashcroft R (2007) BMJ 334(7605):1197. ‘Head to head’ debate article (PubMed).

Molecular genetics of human growth hormone, insulin-like growth factors and their pathways in common disease. Rodriguez S, Gaunt TR, Day IN (2007) Hum Genet. May 30; [Epub ahead of print].Review of growth hormone pathway genes and their association with disease phenotypes (PubMed).

The clinical role of genetic polymorphisms in drug-metabolizing enzymes. Tomalik-Scharte D, Lazar A, Fuhr U, Kirchheiner J (2007) Pharmacogenomics J. Jun 5; [Epub ahead of print]. Review of the potential application of genotyping prior to the use of drugs for a range of conditions from cardiovascular disease to TB (PubMed).

Genomics: guilt by association. Bowcock AM (2007) Nature 447(7145):645-6. News and Views piece on the ground-breaking Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium (WTCCC) genomic association study (PubMed).

Stem cells: recycling the abnormal. Colman A, Burley J (2007) Nature 447(7145):649-50. News and Views piece on new method to create donor-specific embryonic stem cells, and potential applications in humans (PubMed).

Replicating genotype-phenotype associations. NCI-NHGRI Working Group on Replication in Association Studies et al. (2007)Nature 447(7145):655-60. Feature article proposing best practice methods for the reporting of initial and replication genotype-phenotype association studies (PubMed).

The hard cell. Lewis R (2007) Nature 447(7145):748-9. Special report on international opportunities in stem cell medicine (PubMed).

Genetic association studies of cancer: where do we go from here? Rebbeck TR, Khoury MJ, Potter JD (2007) Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 16(5):864-5. (PubMed).

Cystic fibrosis. Wicks E (2007) BMJ 334(7606):1270-1.Personal view of living with CF (PubMed).

The stem-cell market - patents and the pursuit of scientific progress. Murray F (2007) N Engl J Med. 356(23):2341-3. Perspectives piece (PubMed).

MicroRNAs and the failing heart. Mann DL (2007) N Engl J Med. 356(25):2644-5. Clinical implications of basic research piece on the role of microRNAs in heart failure, and therapeutic prospects for this new research (PubMed).

Gene therapy for Parkinsons’s disease: early data. Stoessl AJ (2007) Lancet 369: 2056-2057. Commentary accompanying article on preliminary results from a pilot gene therapy trial (PubMed).

Molecular evidence-based medicine: evolution and integration of information in the genomic era. Ioannidis JP (2007) Eur J Clin Invest. 37(5): 340-9. Discussion article on the convergence of evidence-based and molecular medicine, calling for greater integration of research efforts in public cyberspace (PubMed).

DNA synthesis.Gene-synthesis companies join forces to self-regulate. Bhattacharjee Y(2007) Science 316(5832): 1682. Commentary proposing guidelines for screening and handling DNA orders (PubMed).

The latest Nature Insight is a special focus on DNA replication and repair:

DNA replication and repair. Eggleston AK (2007) Nature 447(7147): 923. Editorial (PubMed).

Replication and protection of telomeres. Verdun RE, Karlseder J (2007) Nature 447(7147): 924-31. Discussion of how telomeres interact with DNA replication and damage-repair systems (PubMed).

Expandable DNA repeats and human disease. Mirkin SM. Nature 447(7147): 932-40. Review looking at the role of expanded DNA repeat sequences in disease (PubMed).

Base-excision repair of oxidative DNA damage. David SS, O'Shea VL, Kundu S (2007) Nature 447(7147): 941-50. Review looking at the mechanism of this form of DNA repair and links with human cancer (PubMed).

Chromatin dynamics and the preservation of genetic information. Downs JA, Nussenzweig MC, Nussenzweig A (2007) Nature 447(7147): 951-8. Review on the role of chromatin in cellular responses to DNA damage (PubMed).

Ethics of collecting and using healthcare data. Wade D (2007) BMJ 334(7608): 1330-1. Editorial piece arguing that ethical oversight of patient data should generally be the responsibility of the bodies involved, with ethics review committees involved with only the most complex situations (PubMed).

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