Selected new reviews and commentaries, 3 May 2011

3 May 2011

Direct-to-consumer testing: if consumers are not anxious, why are policymakers?
Scientists see promise and challenges in translating genomics to the clinic.
Whole-genome sequencing: a step closer to personalized medicine.
Genomics, Biobanks, and the Trade-Secret Model.
Next-generation association studies for complex traits.
Cell biology. Are telomere tests ready for prime time?
Frightening risk of Marfan syndrome, and potential treatment, elucidated.
Inherited cardiomyopathies.
Genetics. Minor splicing, disrupted.
Ex vivo gene transfer and correction for cell-based therapies.
State-of-the-art gene-based therapies: the road ahead.
Current prospects for RNA interference-based therapies.
Heart failure: advances through genomics.
When science and the media mix.
No second thoughts about data access.
The lawyer's brief on ethics.
Regenerative medicine: DIY eye.
Newborn screening: how are we travelling, and where should we be going?

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