UK government funding for stratified medicine development

23 March 2012

New funding of £7.5 million has been made available for stratified medicine development in the UK by the governmental Technology Strategy Board (TSB), to determine whether it can improve current clinical care pathways.
In partnership with the Department of Health, the TSB is offering development contracts to companies developing new tests to identify patients who are likely based on their genetic make-up not to respond well to specific drugs (poor responders) or to develop significant side effects (adverse responsers).
Since adverse reactions alone are estimated to cost the National Health Service (NHS) £1 billion each year, and that most drugs are effective in only up to half of recipients, there is considerable interest in the potential of stratified or personalised medicine to improve the selection of drug treatments.

The competition, which opens on 26th March, includes proposals to develop innovative products that support already licensed medical treatments, meaning that the impact of new products would probably be more rapid. Awards will prioritise those products considered to have the greatest potential value to the NHS, delivering improved average patient outcomes and reducing costs. 

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