Dr Elizabeth Redrup Hill

Elizabeth is a Senior Policy Analyst (Law and Regulation) in the humanities team. She works on legal and ethical issues for data protection, medical devices, artificial intelligence, and other technologies at the cutting-edge of health innovation.

Recent projects include:

  • the value of in silico (computer simulation) trials as a new approach methodology for health
  • when synthetic data might amount to personal data
  • data protection and mental capacity challenges for newborn genome sequencing and for generating lifetime genomic health records
  • the ethical and legal issues of using AI for pathology screening in Oesophageal Cancer Pathways
  • the ethical and legal challenges of using a risk algorithm for stratifying risk in symptomatic patients in oesophageal cancer pathways
  • the value of data trust and data intermediaries for health
  • the challenges facing the European Health Data Space
  • updates to Medical Device Regulation in the UK, EU and US, particularly on regulating adaptive devices
  • the ethical and legal issues of diversifying genomic data

Elizabeth holds a PhD (medical law and ethics) from the University of Southampton where she analysed whether the definition of brain death is discriminatory towards patients with severe cognitive disability (i.e., vegetative state, minimally conscious state and comatose patients). Her research focused on consciousness, personhood and best interests’ decision-making in the Court of Protection and holds broader interests such as property law’s relationship with the human body and AI consciousness. She has presented aspects of her research at the International Conference on Clinical Ethics and Consultation at Oxford University and at the Law and Society Association Conference in Toronto, Canada.

Elizabeth has taught criminal law at the University of Southampton and medical law and ethics at Imperial College London. She was a Committee Member of the Institute of Medical Ethics’ Postgraduate Bioethics Committee (PGBC) and a postgraduate researcher at Southampton University’s Health, Ethics and Law research group (HEAL).

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