PHG Foundation Welcomes new Acting Head of Science

19 September 2018


We are delighted to announce that Dr Laura Blackburn is now our Acting Head of Science. Laura has taken over from Dr Sobia Raza, who has relocated abroad.

Laura has been a fixture of the science team since August 2014. She brings significant expertise from her previous role as a Senior Policy Analyst, notably in explaining complex scientific concepts and policy implications to projects on emerging technologies, as well as assisting with our policy development work.

Laura has worked on many PHG projects including as lead on our work on ctDNA, and a key author for our recent report for NHS England, The personalised medicine technology landscape. As Acting Head of Science Laura will continue to maintain her scientific and editorial input, and contribute to the development of our strategic partnerships with other organisations who have an interest in science and health policy.

We are pleased to say that our previous Head of Science, Sobia Raza, who was with us for five years until relocating to the US, will continue to contribute to our work as a PHG Foundation Associate.

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