PHG gives evidence on long-term sustainability of NHS

By Rebecca Bazeley

28 February 2017


Founder and chair of PHG Foundation, Dr Ron Zimmern, gave evidence yesterday to the House of Lords Select Committee on the Long Term Sustainability of the NHS.

Dr Zimmern was invited to give evidence following the submission by the PHG Foundation of its response to the committee’s earlier call for evidence.

The second of three sessions, Dr Zimmern gave evidence alongside Andy Williams, Chief Executive, NHS Digital, Professor Sir John Bell, Regius Professor of Medicine, University of Oxford, and Professor Keith McNeil, NHS Chief Clinical Information Officer, NHS England.

Their evidence considered how and which technological developments will have the most positive impacts on the long term sustainability of the NHS. Better use of patient data to improve efficiency in the NHS was also a central theme. 

There was broad consensus that technology should not be seen in isolation, as a bolt-on to the existing health system. As we note in our consultation response, rather than aiming to sustain the current system, real benefits from technologies will only be realised through a radical rethink of health systems, including revolutionary changes to clinical pathways and to the health system workforce - the right skills mix will be essential across the board, including the management and analysis of big data.

The evidence session can be viewed here.

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