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3 July 2018
Hype and hope – picturing the future of a technology optimised-healthcare system

29 March 2018
Unique science for health policy think-tank joins University of Cambridge

15 March 2018
NHS doctors need more support to deliver genomic medicine to patients, says Cambridge think-tank 

7 March 2017
Comment from representative to Science & Technology Committee Genomics and Genome Editing Inquiry 

18 October 2016
Success of future health systems hinges on access to data, say experts  (click to open PDF file)

16 March 2016
Data integration is key to personalised medicine in the NHS  (click to open PDF file)

14 March 2016
Politicians want to make the most of personalised medicine for the NHS  (click to open PDF file)

9 July 2015
Urgent action needed to make the most of genomics in the fight against infectious disease  (click to open PDF file)

16 March 2015
New Parliamentary group will seek the health benefits of science & technology  (click to open PDF file)

22 December 2014
Expert action plan for bringing genomic medicine to NHS patients  (click to open PDF file)

9 April 2014
PHG Foundation toolkit finds new home in Brazil  (click to open PDF file) 

6 June 2013
PHG Foundation joins new Global Alliance to enable responsible sharing of genomic and clinical data  (click to open PDF file) 

27 March 2013
Personalised cancer screening to include genetic testing  (click to open PDF file)

28 November 2012
Cambridge leads way with international conference on the next big step in public health  (click to open PDF file)

31 July 2012
A global roadmap to address birth defects at the local level  (click to open PDF file)

25 October 2011
Getting ready for genomic medicine in the NHS  (click to open PDF file)

31 May 2011
Improving disease prediction  (click to open PDF file) 

11 May 2011
Genetic testing could improve cancer screening programmes  (click to open PDF file) 

17 March 2011
Health service approach to genetics in medicine needs to change  (click to open PDF file) 

26 November 2010
Public health in the genomic era: a global issue  (click to open PDF file) 

12 October 2010
New Director for PHG Foundation emphasises application of science for health  (click to open PDF file)

28 May 2010
Evidence to support expanded screening of newborn babies in the UK  (click to open PDF file)

18 May 2010
Experts call for UK Government to prioritise immediate benefits of genomic medicine over more remote possibilities  (click to open PDF file)

18 May 2010
Global public health practice in the era of genomics and personalised medicine  (click to open PDF file)

5 November 2009
PHG Foundation wins ERBI NHS Partnership Award for work to combat sudden death in young people  (click to open PDF file)

15 June 2009
Delivering improved care for families with inherited cardiovascular conditions  (click to open PDF file)

20 May 2009
Tay Sachs Disease carrier screening in the Ashkenazi Jewish population  (click to open PDF file)

30 April 2009
New Chief Executive for PHG Foundation will boost focus on international health  (click to open PDF file)

12 February 2009
Expert recommendations for non-invasive prenatal diagnosis (NIPD) in the UK  (click to open PDF file) 

7 October 2008
Non-invasive prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome and other conditions in the UK  (click to open PDF file)

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