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Biomarkers in familial colorectal cancer screening


Author: Dr Philippa Brice

The main objective of this expert workshop held in London on 14th February 2006 was to bring together professionals with an interest in the diagnosis of HNPCC (including molecular and clinical geneticists, pathologists, colorectal surgeons and policy experts), in order to evaluate current evidence for and against different approaches, and move towards development of a consensus optimal strategy for national implementation. The report includes ten key recommendations developed by the workshop steering group based on these proceedings that can be used to create new UK health service guidance on molecular screening of tumours for familial colorectal cancer.


Brice P. Biomarkers in familial colorectal cancer screening - full report and recommendations of an expert workshop held on 14 February 2006

Brice P. Executive summary of the above report

Contact for this work: Dr Philippa Brice

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