Evaluation of array-CGH for chromosomal abnormalities in clinical practice

Authors: Dr Hilary Burton, Dr Philippa Brice, Dr Simon Sanderson, Dr Subu Iyer, Dr Julian Higgins, Dr Gurdeep S Sagoo

Together with clinical and laboratory colleagues, we undertook a project to evaluate the use of array CGH in the determination of chromosomal abnormalities in clinical practice, using learning disability as an initial paradigm. As part of the work we performed a systematic evaluation of the use of array CGH for the diagnosis of previously known and unknown abnormalities.


Burton S, Brice P, Sanderson S, Iyer S, Higgins J, Sagoo G. Evaluation of the use of array comparative genomic hybridisation in the diagnosis of learning disability

Contacts for this work: Hilary Burton, Simon Sanderson, Philippa Brice

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