Health technologies and social impacts

Major inequalities exist in health. Resolving such inequalities are important, particularly when they arise through mechanisms that are believed to be unjust. In the UK the Government has given some attention to inequality particularly in public health and healthcare but as we move into a more technologically advanced future we risk exacerbating the social impacts.

As new health technologies change the field of healthcare, it is important that steps are taken to prevent the development of greater inequalities, particularly with regards to individuals who do not possess the necessary resources to access and make best use of the technologies.

This report provides further analysis from a UK perspective on the risk of new technologies aimed at personalised prevention driving increases in the social impacts arising from health inequalities, and makes reccomendations for some ways to mitigate them.

This report was produced as part of the My healthy future project.


Dr Hilary Burton, Associate

Johan Ordish, Senior Policy Analyst

Dr Sarah Cook, Policy Analyst

Genomics and policy news