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Quality standards in risk prediction


Authors: Dr Caroline Wright and Dr Tom Dent

Quality standards in risk prediction sets out a practical framework for the evaluation of disease risk prediction models, via assessments in three domains:

  1. The model
  2. The medical context in which it is to be used
  3. Issues relating to clinical implementation of the model

The report is the product of an international expert symposium examining the issue, and also includes consideration of why evaluation is necessary along with case studies and examples in coronary heart disease and dementia.

How to reference this report: Quality standards in risk prediction. Wright C and Dent T. PHG Foundation (2011). ISBN 978-1-907198-05-2.

For further information about the report, please contact Dr Philippa Brice.

For members of the media, please contact the PHG Foundation press office on 07505092081.

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