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Genomics in Mainstream Medicine


Why genomics education matters

Genomics is important in every area of clinical medicine. It underpins personalised medicine, enabling a more precise molecular diagnosis which can transform prognosis and therapy. In rare disease it can ensure that affected family members can also receive care; in more common disease it helps identify important inherited disease subsets such as familial hypercholesterolaemia; in cancer, genetic profiling of tumours can guide drug choice; and in many clinical areas pharmacogenetic testing can help clinicians avoid adverse drug reactions in their patients.

The education of physicians and other health professionals to fully use genomics in their practice, whether as a generalist or a sub-specialist, is of prime importance... (2012)

Sir Richard Thompson, President, Royal College of Physicians



What we are doing

PHG Foundation has an established track record in promoting genomic medicine throughout mainstream clinical practice. In 2011 we published a strategy for the most effective use of genomic knowledge and technologies in different clinical specialties. Our report Genetics and Mainstream Medicine led to a specialised workshop organised by the Joint Committee on Medical Genetics in conjunction with the PHG Foundation and the National Genetics Education and Development Centre. The findings of this expert meeting are set out in the 2012 report Genomics in Medicine, which pointed the way forward for effective integration of genomic medicine across the whole NHS.

PHG Foundation’s Dr Hilary Burton sits on the Genomics in Mainstream Medicine Working Group, a group set up in 2014 to link the Royal Colleges and promote genomics in professional education programmes.

Genomics in Mainstream Medicine Working Group

The Genomics in Mainstream Medicine Working Group was set up by the Joint Committee for Genomics in Medicine (JCGM) of the Royal College of Physicians, the Royal College of Pathologists and British Society for Genetic Medicine. The Groups' mission is to raise awareness about genomic medicine to all clinicians - discover more and access the Group's free resources here.

For more information about this project please contact Dr Hilary Burton.

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