My Healthy Future: preconception to neonatal

2 October 2017


Technologies to assist reproduction, maintain a healthy pregnancy and track the health of mother and newborn baby are proliferating. Our first My Healthy Future lifestage considers what this means for the parents of the future.

In 20 years time:

  • Will technology allow women and men to have an equal share in all reproductive responsibilities? Is that desirable?
  • Will machines that monitor every aspect of newborn development help or hinder bonding?
  • Could a multitude of post-natal apps ease parental anxiety, or exacerbate it?

My Healthy Future will publish a final report in 2019. In the meantime, take a look at some early thoughts on the role of technology in pregnancy and neonatal care in the resources below and then tell us on Facebook and LinkedIn  about how you picture the future of reproductive health. Or follow #myhealthyfuture on Twitter.

Reproductive healthcare in the UK  - factsheet

Emerging technologies for pregnancy and neonatal healthcare - case studies


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