My Healthy Future - young people

16 March 2018

Adolescence is a unique and transformative life stage, and a formative period for health and health behaviours. Emerging technologies have significant potential to shape the future health of young people for the better, but there are also concerns that technologies could become a substitute for social interactions that are at least as important for health and wellbeing.

In 20 years time: 

  • What could be the impacts of the internet on social connectedness and health?
  • How will young people use new technologies to inform health behaviours?
  • How might approaches to mental health care change?

Need to know

This presentation sets out some essential points that shaped the discussion at the second life stages workshop on young people, technology and health.


PHG Foundation will publish a final report based on the My Healthy Future work in 2019. In the meantime, we'll be posting related resources before and after each workshop. Take a look at the resources and share your views on Facebook and LinkedIn  and follow #myhealthyfuture on Twitter.

My Healthy Future: adolescent health - factsheet

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