A new roadmap for personalised prevention

PHG Foundation is collaborating with organisations across Europe to create a 'Personalised Prevention Roadmap'.


PROPHET (A PeRsOnalized Prevention roadmap for the future HEalThcare) is a consortium of 18 organisations from countries across Europe working to build a roadmap for future healthcare, focusing on the use of personalised prevention.

The future of personalised prevention

The purpose of this roadmap will be to 'support the definition and implementation of innovative, sustainable and high-quality personalised strategies that are effective in preventing chronic diseases'. 

The project, expected to last for 48 months, will identify current research advances in personalised prevention and, from there, design a framework to assess preventive approaches and their adoption into public healthcare.

What PHG are doing

As co-leaders of work package 2, we will complete a scoping review to establish identified biomarkers suitable for the use in the prevention of common diseases. We will then evaluate the clinical utility of each biomarker for use in personalised prevention with regards to cardiovascular disease. Our co-leaders in this work package, the Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Red (CIBER), are undertaking the same work, but looking at biomarkers for cancer and for dementia.

We will also seek to understand the challenges of implementation for the biomarkers that do have clinical utility.

If you would like to know more about this project, please contact Laura Blackburn.



UK participant in Horizon Europe Project PROPHET is supported by UKRI grant number 10040946 (Foundation for Genomics & Population Health)

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