Services for business

PHG Foundation works with companies from start-ups to multinationals, providing the concrete evidence for technology decision-making through systematic research and direct engagement with scientists, clinicians, patients, buyers and policy-makers.

We deliver detailed and nuanced analysis of opportunities and competing solutions to allow our clients to build business cases, develop and market their products and invest wisely.

PHG Foundation is a completely independent charity, which means the advice you receive will be impartial, whether you are buying, selling or investing in the life sciences sector.

We can help your company with:

Technology strategy


  • Horizon scanning

Intelligence on scientific developments, innovative healthcare solutions and emerging trends is vital for companies seeking to market their products, assign R&D budgets or adapt their portfolios to stay ahead of the competition. PHG Foundation can conduct targeted one-off investigations or provide a rolling commentary on laboratory and marketplace developments through regular intelligence update reports.

  • Technology evaluation

PHG Foundation will investigate the technical validity of specific healthcare technologies, products and services to help you understand competing solutions, make purchasing decisions and accurately market products. We will use our comprehensive sector knowledge and scientific expertise to provide comparative analysis of competing technologies and assess their readiness for market.

  • Product development & positioning

The success of any new product relies on understanding the environment in which it will be sold and used. Our clinicians, scientists and policy specialists will advise on how and where products can fit into health systems and pathways. We can provide identification of system opportunities and gaps and advise on likely barriers to take-up. Our detailed insights into NHS systems will help you negotiate regulatory, procurement and bureaucratic landscapes and ensure that evidence requirements are met.

We can work with your development team to create an informed and independent analysis of your product in the context of its target markets: technical validity; clinical utility; patient risk; ethical issues; regulatory constraints


Policy and regulatory factors

Healthcare is one of the most ethically-sensitive and tightly-regulated sectors in the world. PHG Foundation has experts with many years’ experience in the policy and regulatory field, making us well placed to deliver advice which is evidence-based and effective.

 - EU Data Protection Regulation 2016/679

 - UK Data Protection Act 1998 (in force)

 - EU In Vitro Diagnostic Devices Regulation 2017/745

 - UK common law on consent/confidentiality

 - UK Human Tissue Act 2004

  • Monitoring of regulatory environment

Our experts closely monitor changes in the regulatory environment and can help you anticipate opportunities and threats. We can provide regular briefings on relevant regulatory matters and work on a retainer to provide insight as issues arise.

  • Ethical & reputational issues

Working at the cutting-edge of science often raises unexpected public and societal issues. Such issues can be critical to professional, political and public acceptance of innovative products and services. A rigorous review of ethical factors by PHG Foundation’s humanities team and advice on addressing and monitoring any potential issues could prove valuable in avoiding reputational damage.



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