Services for public and third sectors

PHG Foundation works with charities and the public sector to facilitate change and to harness scientific advances for patient and public benefit.

We have been applying the latest scientific knowledge to healthcare for more than 20 years. Our expertise spans medical research, genomics, data-sharing, privacy and consent, digital technologies and diagnostics.

Public sector organisations can now procure PHG Foundation’s expertise on the scientific and regulatory aspects of new innovations in healthcare through the
NHS Shared Business Services (SBS) Framework Agreement for Consult 18: Multidisciplinary Consultancy Services.

As a charity, we share many of the values of non-profit organisations. Our independence ensures our advice to you will be impartial and based solely on the knowledge, expertise and experience of our highly-qualified staff.

We can help you with:

Technology strategy


  • Horizon scanning.

Intelligence on scientific developments, innovative healthcare solutions and emerging trends is vital for decision-makers and clinicians looking to implement change, invest in new technologies, develop pathways or assign R&D budgets. PHG Foundation can conduct targeted one-off investigations or provide a rolling commentary on laboratory and marketplace developments through regular intelligence update reports.

  • Technology evaluation.

We will investigate the technical validity of specific healthcare technologies, products and services to help you understand competing solutions, make purchasing decisions and accurately assess market developments. PHG Foundation has deep sector knowledge and scientific expertise to provide comparative analysis of competing technologies and assess their fit into pathways and readiness for deployment.


Ethical, policy and regulatory advice

Healthcare is one of the most ethically-sensitive and tightly-regulated sectors in the world. PHG Foundation has experts with many years’ experience in the policy and regulatory field, making us well placed to help deliver policies which are evidence-based and effective. 

  • Policy and regulation development

Developing policy and regulatory frameworks which provide clinical and ethical protection, whilst facilitating scientific innovation, is a challenge for administrations around the world. Our experience in assessing, evaluating and drafting policy will allow you to draw on 20 years of best practice.

  • Evaluation of scientific and commercial factors

Scientific discoveries and technical developments can render policy and legislation quickly obsolete. Poorly drafted guidelines and regulations can put patients at risk of harm, misdiagnosis or breach of confidentiality. Our background in science, clinical practice and health systems as well as extensive policy experience helps policy-makers develop regulations which are fit-for-purpose, today and tomorrow.

  • Ethical & risk issues

All healthcare programmes need to be firmly rooted in an understanding of the ethical background and risks to patients. A thorough review of these factors by PHG Foundation’s humanities team and advice on addressing and monitoring potential issues could prove extremely valuable in developing and implementing healthcare programmes or drafting robust and effective legislation.

Programme development and evaluation


  • Programme development

PHG Foundation can assist with scoping programmes to develop strategy, methodology and success criteria that are well-defined and follow best practice. Our extensive scientific and health-system experience will ensure far greater insight than applying a one-size-fits-all approach.

  • Programme evaluation

To ensure programmes are running to plan and are achieving their expected impact, competent evaluation is essential. PHG Foundation provides expert, independent data collection, consultation, analysis, reporting and recommendations for healthcare projects and pathways. 


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