Sponsoring a PHG Foundation event

We offer attractive sponsorship opportunities for you to raise the profile of your organisation with our expert and professional audiences

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We are keen to explore opportunities to collaborate with partners for the mutual benefit of our respective stakeholders. As with any independent charity we value our integrity and work to ensure all our relationships are congruent with our charitable objectives. Please read our collaboration policy here. To discuss sponsoring one of our events contact Dr Philippa Brice.

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"Range of interesting speakers. Good range of speakers, panels and networking. An enjoyable day, thank you."

Life Sciences & Society event participant

"Brilliant! More of these required for NHS and industry coming together."

Workshop participant

"Great meeting, well organisated, very stimulating."

Workshop participant

"Very glad that I attended. Talks were pitched at a variety of levels to enable a diverse audience to engage and stay involved and enthused. Thank you for recognising the importance of balancing clinical, scientific, socio-cultural and policy perspectives."

Life Sciences & Society event participant

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