Photo of Staff member Colin Mitchell

Colin Mitchell

Senior Policy Analyst (Law, Regulation and Digital Health)



policy analysis


Colin's work is focused on legal and ethical issues in health technology, genetics/genomics, biomedical research and data. These include the scope of professional obligations in clinical and research genomics, legal and ethical implications for the implementation of AI-based systems in healthcare, and requirements for transparency in ‘black box’ medicine.

Prior to joining PHG, Colin was a legal researcher on a project assessing the implementation of next-generation sequencing in oncology, based at the Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, and Researcher in Law at the Centre for Health, Law and Emerging Technologies (HeLEX) at the University of Oxford.

Colin has a Masters of Studies in Legal Research from the University of Oxford, a BA in Law from the University of Cambridge and is completing a doctorate (by publication) at the University of Amsterdam

Genomics and policy news