Tanya Brigden

Tanya is a senior policy analyst, working on ethical and legal considerations arising from biomedical innovation and personalised healthcare. She contributes to a broad portfolio of PHG interests, spanning the use of digital technologies, AI and genomics in healthcare and research. 

Tanya gained an interest in policy development during a six month voluntary placement at the Progress Educational Trust. Since joining the Foundation in 2017, Tanya has developed expertise in a diverse range of topics including person centred healthcare, ethical issues raised by novel technologies such as genome editing, and the use of citizen generated data. She also contributes to PHG’s ongoing work on polygenic scores.

Many of Tanya’s projects are collaborative, involving external organisations and funders. Most recently, she has been leading work - commissioned by THIS Institute - on the use of visual identifiers for people with dementia.

Tanya holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Durham University, a Graduate Diploma in Law, and an MA in Medical Ethics and Law from King’s College London.

Genomics and policy news

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